FBReader is known as a free ebook reader which is available on Android. It also includes a mobile version like Blackberry device and desktop versions like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Both the Linux and Mac OS X versions are not yet stable as at present.

When you first open, the app you are showed with the first book it can find which just so occurs to be “About FBReader”. This one pager offers you a fast heads-up as to the use and feature of the app. Moreover, it offers you a link to access a Network Library that includes a big number of ebooks both for free or for a fee. From this display, once you press the choices button on your device, a menu appears at the bottom of the display. So, a fastrun through the labelled symbols.

First is Library. When you press on Library a list menu is presented that reads from top to bottom as follows: Favorites, Recent, By author, By title, By tag and File tree. All these choice are self-explanatory and when you click on any of them, any books you have saved on your device or external storage are showed with both author and title.

When it is opened, file tree offers you 3 options to look in: FBReader library, Device and Memory Card. When you press anyone of those three, navigation is very basic and using your device’s back button moves you backwards a level. Plus, it’s a very straightforward and basic method of navigating and the text is presented bright and clear so you can’t lose yourself.

Back at the main menu, the next symbol is Network Library. This gives you to another list containing a Search option, and different sites to connect ebooks. Again good and simple to navigate. When going back to the main menu, the next system along is Bookmarks, followed by an symbol displaying the moon named Night. It is a toggle between night and day. Day displays black text on white, and night displays white text on black. From that is Search which enables you to look for your book for words, sentences, etc.

And finally there is More. When you press the More symbol, a menu shows giving you 5 ways forward: Settings, Book info, Zoom in, Zoom out, Navigate. Again all are self-explanatory and simple to navigate.

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