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LucidWorks Site Search

LucidWorks Site Search is known as a business-grade and OS agnostic website search software.  LucidWorks Site Search can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or on a hybrid architecture. It’s also an AI-powered solution that drawls site content to bring down search outcomes that are new, relevant, and complete. The platform enables users to reduce searches with attractive faceting and rich filters for faster site search accurately where and when you need it.

Besides that, the LucidWorks Site Search is an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use solution that attaches with intelligent panels for drag and drop managel over user data experience. It’s also an embeddable platform that offers out-of-the-box tools to expedite and streamline site search for businesses of various sizes. Some of its major functions include flexible user interface, AI-powered personalization, and quick configuration.

LucidWorks Site Search is a strong site search solution that delivers all in one place. It’s a completely functional site search application where once you find out the data and interface you can manage a site search rapidly. The platform is offered on cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid deployments which bring you the freedom to select a model that suits your operational and security requests.

The built-in intelligent panels boost your search IQ and offer you drag and drop manage over information user experience. Moreover, the panels coupled with the flexible UI complement Site Search architecture and give content delivery in the front and center for every search. This helps it helpful for your site visitors to get what they are searching for rapidly.

On the other hand, every page, every document is the great mantra that compliments LucidWorks Site Search appearance. The application crawls all your company content, looks at user behavior and weblogs to bring search outcomes that are complete, new, and related. It also leverages the innovative AI-powered personalization of Fusion Artificial Intelligence that employs user behavior and query to fine tune the relevancy of data for the good results.

Better still, Site Search is equipped by the latest release of Fusion platform that helps seamless integration with Spark to boost search with machine learning. It uses small robot built to understand your user and adjust content presented to each user.

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