Searching on Chrome

Opening a Chrome browser is the first step, you just need click on the desktop icon or the icon on the computer desktop’s taskbar. When the browser window is open, on the top of the browser window, you type into the address bar and tap the Enter (or Return) key on the keyboard.

The Google home URL lies in the address bar. It shows a green arrow pointing at the address bar that is markedby a green box.

Now, the browser shows the big Google search bar. Since you start to type the phrase most common toys of 2017 into the search bar, inform how the search bar moves to the top of the display as the words are typed. This movement is not strange, then go on typing the phrase.

When the Google search engine is open, with a search for, “Most popular toys 2017” typed in the search box. Once the words are entered, the search engine will show a dropdown list of recommended search choices. At this point either go on typing the phrase or choose the option of most common toys 2017. You can choose a recommendation choice is finished in two methods; either by employing the mouse to press on the desired choice, or by using the down arrow key on the keyboard to choose an option, and pushing the Enter (or Return) key.

Now the search is typed and the webpage shows the outcomes of your search. It will give notification how the outcomes are showed. Box #1 is the first page of the search outcomes. Box #2 is an advertisement which targeted to be related to the search. And, the search results in the list are titled by hyperlinks in a larger font and in a blue color. These links lead directly you to a website with data about the search. The advertisements on the right side are linked to something to purchase. When managing a search for data, the primary concentration is on the list of search results, not the advertisements.

You can read through the search outcomes title and choose the one most closely matching the data you are looking for what you need.

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