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Site Search 360

Site Search 360 is  known as an ultra-speedy search solution that offers you and your users the most related results instantly. You also empower your users to retrieve the files they want without having to deal with various types of advertisements. On top of that, you can limit or remove the solution’s branding when you subscribe to the paid packages.

You can rest assured that Site Search 360 supports you retain your website visitors without you having to break the bank when it goes to cost-effectiveness. You can begin free, as there is a costless choice that allows your users to find the data they want at the moment they request them. Even the business pricing choices are economical and pack a host of functions that enables you to make the site search tool your own.

One Line Integration

To equip your website with Site Search 360, you only need to add one line of JavaScript to your existing code. Though there are multiple JavaScript configuration parameters that you can tweak, the single line alone can be enough to offer your website visitors with a quick search tool.

Customizable Search

Site Search 360 is known a flexible tool. It enables you to stylize it so that it suits with the rest of your website’s design. Other than that, you can adjust the solution to offer more highly related search outcome.

Quick Information Retrieval

You can take a rest assured that you can obtain your visitors with Site Search 360. Due to its speedy retrieval of information that parallels that of Google Search, your users are more inclined to keep on the website instead of going somewhere else.

Ontology-Powered Semantics

It uses ontology that covers synonyms and hypernyms when Site Search 360 indexes your documents. Therefore, when your users employ a keyword, the search tool also crawls your website for relevant or associated terms to offer results that are more comprehensive.

Maximum Accessibility

Your users no longer use your search tool on their laptops, desktops, or other wide-screened devices alone. To make sure that they have a smooth experience when they connect your search bar on smaller displays, Site Search 360 is built to adapt to the users’ preferred device. On top of that, the solution is also grown to allow people with disabilities to utilize the search tool simply.

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