The best therapy applications to improve your mental health

By the year of 2021, most people will have accepted the situation that mental health should be highly concerned. Getting to know psychology and making effort to improve it have now played an indispensable part of our daily life. Nevertheless, according to many people, taking treatment or therapy sessions would...

Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Both C and C++ are taken an account high-performance languages. As such, they are commonly used in developing applications where performance is a critical problem, like customer or server applications, commercial products including Firefox and Adobe, and video games. C (and C++) Perhaps, C is the oldest popularly used programming...


FBReader is known as a free ebook reader which is available on Android. It also includes a mobile version like Blackberry device and desktop versions like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Both the Linux and Mac OS X versions are not yet stable as at present. When you first...