The best was washers of 2020

If your laundry space is not spacious, you should not expect to purchase an oversized washer and dryer set. Currently, stackable washers and dryers provide users with a lot of capacity and cleaning power while requiring for only a little space.

Many front load washers and their matching dryer can be stacked by using the stacking kits offered by the manufacturer. If you are look for save more space for your laundry room for storage or any other purpose, you can take a look at the following stackable washer and dryer sets.

The best set overall: LG WM3700HVA and LG DLEX3700V

This model from LG is an ideal front load washer that can stack well with its matching dryer DLEX3700V. The set provides users with a careful and effective experience for cleaning. With a depth of only 30 inches, they can fit easily to your closets or small laundry rooms.

However, you should not mistake this set for a compact stackable washer and dryer. The full-size LG WM3700HVA washer provides a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and the DLEX3700V dryer has 7.4 cubic feet of capacity. Both models are highly recommended for those who look for a solution to remove stains and dry even large loads of clothes effectively. Both the washer and dryer are integrated with steam technology in order to remove bacteria, odors and combat with stains.

The only minus of this stackable washer and dryer set is that its control panel is difficult to read. Some users may have to use a lighting to select the cycles, which is inconvenient.

The best gas laundry center: GE GUD27GESNWW

If you would like to use a small laundry center but still look for a dryer equipped with gas, you can take a look at this GE option. In spite of its stacked configuration, the laundry center provides you with 3.9 cubic feet of washer space and 5.9 cubic feet of capacity in the matching dryer. Last but not least, you can use it for large loads of clothes thanks to the new style of agitation.

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