What you should know about LucidWorks Site Search

LucidWorks Site Search is established in 2007, it creates AI-powered search and discovery applications for some of the world’s largest organizations. Fusion, Lucidworks’ advanced growth platform, offers the business-grade abilities needed to build, develop and deploy smart search apps at any scale, culminating in Lucidworks Site Search. There are just of few of the businesses that base on Lucidworks every day to equip their consumer-facing and business search apps such as Reddit, Red Hat, Moody’s, Commvault, and the US Census.

LucidWorks Site Search offers some feature such as AI for everyone. It can be said that the promise of artificial intelligence has broken down at the last mile and AI and machine learning shouldn’t be just for data scientists. When they need connection, it insights to people. Deploy intelligence and offer context to every decision for every staff and every client. Next feature is Fusion Server. Advanced Fusion Server permits indexing of trillions of documents from any information source or kind, thousands of queries per second from thousands of concurrent users and whole text search, SQL capabilities, and strong analytics.

Fusion AI, recommenders provides every user a customized experience. It gives you machine learning models pre-tuned and ready to use and classifiers for understanding intent for more precision. Fusion App Studio, prototype data apps in hours, not weeks, with modular pre-built components for iterative design. This unique technology helps over 25 data platforms. Since enterprises have their own business-related needs, it is rational that they avoid going for an all-encompassing, great software system. However, it would be difficult to try to come across such a software system even among branded software products. The better step to undertake is to write the multiple main aspects which call for a analysis such as significant functions, price plans, technical skill competence of employee, company size, etc. Therefor, you nee do double down on your product research exhaustively. It is browsed through these LucidWorks Site Search evaluations and scrutinize the other software solutions in your shortlist more closely. Like comprehensive product investigation ascertain you keep away from mismatched applications and choose the system which meets all the features you request enterprise requires for success.

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